Excursion at the city of Chania and the Venetian port

(Duration 5-8 hours)

Suggested excursion

On this excursion the visitor will pass by the port of Souda , the biggest natural port in the entire Mediterranean sea and within it the small island of Souda with the historic castle fortetsa known for the nesting of seals monachus – monachus. Climbing the hill towards Akrotiri you will be able to admire the magnificent view all the way to ancient city of Aptera.

1 st stop

The breathtaking pine forest at Venizelos Tombs with panoramic view on the city of Chania. There we will visit the unique small church of Prophet Hlias dated back to 16th century, the statue of Kagiales one of the most famous Cretan heroes where he became pole in order to uplift the Greek flag in 1897 when Creta was about to unite with Greece. Last but not least we will visit the Venizelos Tombs ( Eleftherios , Sofoklis ), great politicians in the history of Greece . Later on following one of the most scenic routes towards the city with direct view to the sea ,along the way beautiful neo-classical buildings, after that the Eleftheria square with the historical clock until we finally reach the city center of Chania.

2 nd stop

The Agora square with the imposing building of Agora that keeps inside all the local production of Cretan products and gifts. The building became operational in 1913 the same time when Greece and Crete became one. From here starts the tour in the old town and the Venetian harbor, the grand jewel of Chania with the thousand colours and majestic perfumes.

Old town and Venetian harbor

Prepare for a magnificent trip through the centuries. Every corner of the old town has deferent buildings architecture , beautiful alleys surrounded with amazing colors and mind blowing flowers that take you back to the Venetian era. Furthermore there is an interesting shopping market for all tastes , outstanding restaurants and café bars for lunch or drinks .

Do not forget to walk along the Venetian harbor with the old lighthouse a breathtaking sight , symbol for the city of Chania .



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