The round of White Mountains with the Samaria gorge and the botanical park

(Duration 5-8 hours)

Suggested excursion

All along the county of Chania they stand proudly the White Mountains. They offer to the traveler the opportunity to visit them by crossing beautiful paths and villages and reach one of the fifty different imposing summits. The mountain range of the White Mountains constitutes the biggest refuge for endemic plants of our country attracting the interest of dozens of botanists from all over the globe. Great interest there is as well for the huge variety of birds and other animals.

The name White Mountains originates from the fact that the summits are white for the most of the year, either from snow or from the bare rocks and the reflection of the sun.

1st stop

Following the route of seliniotiku round through orange and olive trees we stop at the location of Petra Seli to enjoy the magnificent view of Chania countryside, breath fresh clean air and smell the bushes and wild flowers while also being able to watch the free flocks of seep that live on the high rock summits. From there the landscape changes, it becomes barren with high rocky peaks with almost no vegetation.

2nd stop

We reach Omalos plateau that stops in Xiloskalo the starting point of the famous Samaria gorge. There we can go for a small walk and enjoy our drink at the local coffee shop. After that we follow a different route from Omalos to the Botanical Park.

3rd stop

We pass through the famous Kapetanochori ( lakus village ) where we see the imposing fallen men monument. The monument represents three young men overlooking the Cretan horizon.

4th stop

Climbing down the mountain we enjoy the view towards the sea until we arrive to the Botanical Park for our lunch. With this amazing view of olive trees and the infinite blue of the sea you will have the chance to taste superb Cretan cuisine, take part in a mini seminar of wine tasting and lastly you can purchase local herbs, olive oil and books. 



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