Pleasure & Leisure

There is so much to do during your holidays in Crete, that you won't be bored for a single moment…!

Enjoy and discover a thousand accessible “faces” of Crete!

  • Charming towns with lovely shopping areas, and many different choices of restaurants with local and international cuisine, cafés, clubs, etc.
  • Picturesque villages, with local lifestyle and amazing natural beauty
  • Archeological sites, great museums, historical monuments!
  • Mountains, sometimes wild, sometimes extremely wonderful, with thrilling gorges, but always welcoming through accessible paths…!
  • Organized beaches full of life, with nice beach bars and water sports facilities
  • Quiet & romantic beaches
  • Exotic beaches accessible by floating wheelchairs
  • Breathtaking sunsets…

Is there anything you dream that you can’t find in Crete? Nothing… In Crete you can find everything!!!

Our qualified staff will offer you all the information you need for your Accessible holiday package.

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